Hi, I’m Al. I share people’s stories.

For over 20 years I have been a presenter and producer across radio, television, and podcasting.

I get when people say they’re nervous about being on-air, or being interviewed, or having to deliver a meeting or talk online.

I get it because I have been there. (And between you and I, even when the nerves subside they’re replaced by the ever present niggle of imposter syndrome.)

Do you know what though? If you didn’t have nerves or a niggle, it would mean you didn’t care.

And anyone who cares is good at what they do… because they care about getting it right.

What I am not really good at is updating my website. So until I make this dead snazzy, here’s a link to where some of my work lives – look, here it is.

Freelance journalist

Snapshots of guests I have interviewed: Will Smith; Peter Andre; Tom Grennan; Vicky McClure; Katherine Ryan; Stephen Graham; Baroness Lawrence; Basil Brush

Over the course of my career I have discovered tales and heard anecdotes from thousands-upon-thousands of people.

(By the way, it’s often the people you pass in the street whose face you don’t recognise that have the most eye opening stories. You’re probably one of them, even though you don’t think you are.)

If you are interested in sharing your story with the audience you want, message me below.

Oh, and don’t be nervous about being asked questions about yourself; you already know the answers.


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