Content Creator: That’s Me

Content Creator and child creator* – that’s me.

From starting out writing gags for commercial radio, to producing audio packages for the BBC, interviewing celebrities, politicians, and so many interesting people for radio shows and publications, to writing, hosting, and co-creating a podcast: I’ve been presenting, audio producing, and writing since Westlife got together; a great way to measure time, I think you’ll agree.

Below are some of the things I am working on at the moment – and I am always looking for new opportunities to write for publications, and create long-form audio. I’d love to hear from you.

(* – I am a Dad-of-two, by way of explanation.)


HOW TO BE A DAD – You can hear the tease for Series One here.

Content Creator

FREELANCING @ THE BBC — You can hear some of the work I’ve done here.

Content Creator

HOSTING: In August I’ll be hosting at Nottingham’s Arena – You can get your tickets here.

Content Creator

I’m a Dad, a presenter, an audio producer, and a writer. As a freelance Content Creator, I am able to work on a lot of different, exciting ideas and projects. I am also able to record, write and edit from my home studio-cum-shed. (The Dad thing is pretty much signed off – my two children are very much a lifetime commitment.)

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