Al Booth is a freelance audio producer and content writer who finds it a bit strange to talk about himself in the third person.

As a freelance audio producer and content writer, I’ve been doing what I love for more than 20 years, which is sharing people’s stories using their own words.

I help people to reach an audience with creative, positive audio production and writing – firstly in commercial radio, now the BBC, and podcasts.

The way I use audio production to tell real-life stories takes on many forms: from interviews to creative packages.

BBC Radio Freelancer – listen to some of my creative packages here.
Audio producer and content writer
How To Be A Dad – listen to the teaser here.


Writing content for brands and for publications, I have a positive, conversational style that connects one-to-one with the reader. From interviews to product reviews, creative articles to website updates, I write in voice. (And in clothes.)

A freelance audio producer and content writer, I am passionate about sharing engaging stories in an enjoyable way. I have no set formula. Shaping stories in podcasting and radio, or writing expressively and conversationally on the page, each project is approached as uniquely as the content.

What do you want to share? Get in touch with me here and let me tell your story.

Al (in the first person)