Writing Portfolio

Writing Portfolio

CONFESSION: In recent times my work in the broadcast media has meant I haven’t been writing copy other than radio scripts, social media posts, interview transcripts or blogs.

HOWEVER…. I do have some copywriting samples tucked away which you can see below. I’d love to do more, so if we can work together please email me.

COPYWRITING: Marston’s Brewery

A piece I wrote for Marstons in a trade magazine, focussing on a golf club in Devon that chose them as a new supplier.

REVIEW: Hair Salon

A social media review I wrote for a hair salon in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

PRESS RELEASE: Brain Tumour UK/Macmillan

The press release I wrote for a dual charity fundraising event.


A recent product review for something most peculiar which works brilliantly to relieve a child’s blocked nose.

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