About Al

I am a broadcaster, a writer and an audio producer who always focuses on the positives. (You can see/hear more here.)

Broadcaster – As a broadcaster in commercial and BBC radio I have increased audience numbers by thousands upon thousands throughout my career. I’ve met so many interesting people and I’ve interviewed people from A-listers to community heroes. (Read what I’ve learned about interviewing techniques here.)

Writer – As a BBC trained journalist I write content that is proven to engage and build audiences. I write blogs, social media content, radio adverts (Heart, Smooth), web pages and creative copy. I am a proofreading, SEO -geek who writes warm, positive content.

Audio Producer– Sitting in front of a screen filled with wave forms and grabbing bits of music and SFX is an absolute passion. I have a home set-up where I voice and record content. I use the latest version of Adobe Audition to record, edit and produce the audio you want to hear.

Welcome to my website. Please drop me a line, it’ll be ace to hear from you.