If you give someone your knowledge, then they go away and write it all up so it reads in the same tone and style that you speak in, and you publish it with your name credited – well done! You’ve just used a ghostwriter to build your brand, and you’ve saved yourself a lot of time to focus on what you do well.

(Fortunately I do the writing bit well. Email me to talk about how I can do that for you.)

Ghostwritten articles, blog posts, and social media posts all come together to match the tone of voice you and your brand use to speak directly to your audience.

(They also work alongside podcasts to boost that brand awareness – see here for more of that.)

I write loads of different things – articles, scripts, opinion piece – and here are some examples, just so you know I know what words are.

Episode Script for CURIO

That’s just a taster, because I know you’re busy.

And because I know you’re busy…

If you like my writing, and if you want someone to take your knowledge and expertise and write articles, scripts for speeches or broadcast, or content for your social media that sounds like it’s you writing it email me: al@albooth.co.uk