Podcasts & Audio

Storytelling through audio is what has driven me since I signed my first radio contract on 9th November 1998. (You also now have access to any of my devices that require a memorable 6-digit code.)

Here are some of my most recent projects – if you’d like to hire me for yours please email me: al@albooth.co.uk

“Raise Her Up” from the GDST (For Message Heard)

Covering topics from wellbeing to womanhood, communication to creativity, self-image to sexism, as well as mental health, careers, and relationships to name just a few, Raise Her Up from the GDST gives you the tools to help your girls flourish.

Listen to Series 1 & 2 here.

The Reunion (for BBC Radio 4) – The Boxing Day Tsunami

Kirsty Wark reunites survivors and key figures involved in the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004. Nearly 230,000 people died, making it one of the deadliest disasters in modern history.

Listen here to the episode here.

Women In Leadership (for Rethink Audio)

How To Be A Dad (for The Dadsnet)

The How To Be A Dad Podcast follows Dads’ journeys from the initial moment they find out to their child’s 1st birthday… and more besides. Al Booth speaks to Dads from all walks of life to gather vital anecdotes that might just help you.

Listen to Series 1 here.

Future Forward from Masdar City (for 4DC Markettiers)

Welcome to the Future Forward podcast, an unusual tech dialogue which sheds light on all sorts of amazing technology developments around the world, and why they should matter to you. Brought to you by Masdar City.

Informed from Curio

Our daily selection of the global stories that really matter. Discover the news beyond the headlines with Curio. This week, host Al Booth takes over from Manish Verma to select analytical and thought-provoking articles from the world’s leading publications, leaving you better informed and read…

Listen to my episodes here.

Will a podcast make you a million pounds overnight?

Honestly, no. (Not unless it’s someone else’s podcast about how to rob a bank. And I wouldn’t produce that one because, well… karma!)

A podcast, like a warm smile, is something you can share amongst your community. It’s something that will be authentically you and will help engage your existing audience, and entice new members in.

You won’t see kazillions of listeners in one day, week, or even a month.

But with consistently strong content, and focused sharing, your podcast will talk to the people you want to talk to.

A podcast is a brand builder and is uniquely authentic.

If that idea has put a warm smile on your face, email me: al@albooth.co.uk