Content Writer

I am a Content Writer. I write scripts for BBC news. I write articles for online publications. I write product reviews. I write up interviews. I write very short, repetitive sentences at the start of this page.

Al Booth content writer

My style as a content writer is one-to-one and conversational. I tend to write as I speak and always in a positive, upbeat jumper.

INTERVIEWBaroness Doreen Lawrence – On changing the law in the UK, getting justice for her son… and not seeing herself as others do. (An interview I did for the BBC and wrote up.) – Interview with Lucy Mecklenburgh about parenting and raising a baby in lockdown. (A conversation focusing on being a new parent, weaning babies, and how to keep your house looking like it’s in a Hello shoot when your child throws mushed up food everywhere.)

PRODUCT REVIEWSnufflebabe – The oddest contraption your child will ever need. (Product review content writing largely focuses on parenting. Because as the Dad of 2 children under the age of 4, I can’t remember how to write about nights out.)

BLOG: You can read my blog here. Please have a cup of tea and at least one biscuit ready. (Just because tea & biscuits are lovely to have.)

Al Booth content writer