Whether I’m the one interviewing or researching content and writing a script for others, the recording, editing, and producing of audio from my home set-up is something I get really passionate about.

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I’ve been fortunate enough to interview people from A-listers to bee keepers, from politicians to poppy sellers, the one thing that rings true for all is that every single person has a story to tell.

Recently I interviewed Kenneth Clarke for the BBC, when the ex-Health Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequor revealed his plan to combat the global coronavirus pandemic.

In my interview with Baroness Doreen Lawrence she told me how she felt during the fight to get justice for her son Stephen, and how she hopes his legacy can shape the future of Britain.

Throughout my career I have been very fortunate to be involved with so many fascinating interviews.

Everyone has a story to share, whether it’s an A-list star or an A-level student, an X-Factor winner or an ex-World War 2 pilot.

Flight Lt John Trotman, aged 96, took me up in his light aircraft for our interview.

I have even interviewed a puppet – although his “friend” didn’t want me seeing so made me turn around when he “woke him up”/got him out the case – and a hospital patient as they underwent a live operation.

Boom Boom with Basil Brush

Whether I’ve been hosting a live on-air broadcast, a pre-recorded interview, or producing audio voiced by another host, my writing and audio production has given me the chance to meet many people and hear many stories. And that’s the best bit.

Audio That Engages The Audience You Want.

As an audio editor and producer, I write scripts for others to create an open, engaging conversation between the host and the guest. Using the latest Adobe Audition software I edit and produce audio, creating broadcast quality content that can be shared online, on socials, or wherever it needs to be enjoyed.

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