Al Booth: Audio Producer and Interviewer

Audio Producer and Interviewer

A freelance audio producer and interviewer, I have been creating audio packages for BBC local radio since 2017, and commercial since before then. I am passionate about telling people’s stories, and do this in a way that marries creativity with positivity.

You can hear some of my work from my career in radio here. Or on my phone, if I ever lose it and you find it.

BROADCAST INTERVIEW: Baroness Doreen Lawrence – On being a Mum, a law changer, and “just Doreen.” Broadcast on BBC local radio. (Listen here)
BBC RADIO PACKAGE: Diana’s “Shame Bike” – The Raleigh owned by Diana, Princess of Wales goes up for auction. With the help of stories told by people of Nottingham; not Jamie Oliver. (Listen here)
BBC RADIO PACKAGE: Save Our Wood – Villagers take on Highways England to protect historic woodland. And maybe the Gruffalo…. (Listen here)
BBC RADIO PACKAGE: Small Axe – A History of Lover’s Rock as told to me by the world renowned Lady Vee from V Rocket Sound System. (Listen here)
INTERVIEW PACKAGE: Back in the Clouds Again – Flight Lt. John Trotman won many medals during the war. At the age of 96, he flew me in his plane for an interview. (Listen here)

As a freelance audio producer and interviewer, I am looking for opportunities to work with producers and production companies to create podcasts, documentaries and interview pieces.

Email me here if we can work together. Or if you find my aforementioned phone.