A presenter on radio and stage, interviewing is the highlight of both. Whether in a studio or on a stage, I really love just getting to hear people’s stories and anecdotes. There is a skill in listening and making someone feel like they’re chatting; as opposed to being sourced for a story.

(I have written about how to be a confident interviewer here.)

Stephen Graham interview

If I could offer advice to anyone starting out it would be… keep the audio. Because one day you’ll be making a website and you’ll have some photos, but they don’t sound that good…

Interview: Former Health Secretary and ex-Chancellor of the Exchequor Kenneth Clarke shared his cure for the global coronavirus pandemic.

Interview: Baroness Doreen Lawrence opened up about being a Mum fighting for justice for her murdered son, and how she doesn’t see herself as others do.

Interview: World War 2 pilot John Trotman flew me above the English countryside as he told me about his passion for flying his late 80s.

Radio Presenter

I have spent my life as a commercial and BBC radio presenter. (Well, since the age of 21. So around half my life, being truthful.)

Please click on the highlighted word Gem to hear some show audio from my time on commercial radio station GEM. (That was the highlighted word.)